Wednesday, 3 March 2010

A quiet week with an exciting end

So last week was a nice and quiet one at work, which was good. Oh, and I won our weekly Thursday lunchtime game of cards, which was awesome :) It got crazily busy December/January time as I was trying to get around 80 data analysis reports done to an external deadline, whilst trying to find people to confirm I should do them and then check them once I’d done them. Since then, I don’t take the quiet weeks for granted anymore! I work for a pension’s administration company. It wouldn’t be my first choice, but with the job market as it is, I shouldn’t complain.

I started here in the summer between college and uni as a temp sorting and filing paperwork. Luckily they liked me and have taken me back every Christmas, Easter and Summer since then, and every time I come back I do harder things. When I told them I would have a whole year free, they extended my contract, promoted me and moved me from the Direct client facing team to the Business Support Team. Here I do a lot more technical bits like calculations, constructing spreadsheets to perform certain tasks, training people in Excel and Word, reporting, data analysis general computer troubleshooting and formatting things. It’s a lot of problem solving, which I love and although I’m part of a team I’m left to my own devices to get on with my work flow most of the time, which I also like. I guess I do really like my job, especially now I’m not bottom rung and filing all the time! :p It’s a nice office with really nice people, the majority of which are grads who fell into the job because there was nothing else at the time. This means there’s quite a high turnover of people but everyone is really friendly. On my team especially we do have a laugh. They are quite a competitive bunch and there’s normally some sort of a quiz going on: What happened on this day in… kinda thing. It has shown me that I don’t want to work in an office forever and I do really miss biology. Another thing about this place is that it is always so cold! I know I’m a cold person normally, but I have to be wearing four layers at all times to be warm here, it’s ridiculous. In fact, it was so cold in here last week the muscles in my back tensed up and were really painful. They are still a bit tight now but they are getting better.

Like I mentioned before, my boyfriend is in the army and is going through Sandhurst at the moment. He had a hard week last week with a big test so we met in Salisbury last weekend to give him something to look forward to. Salisbury is almost half way between us, a little closer to him than me and it’s the second time we’ve done this now. I drove up on the Saturday, we went out for a lovely meal in the evening at Charter 1227 which I cannot recommend highly enough – the chef there is a genius and I have honestly never tasted food as good. Actually that place is the reason I chose Salisbury to go back to instead of somewhere closer to me.  The waitress lady remembered us from last time, just over a month ago, which was amazing.  We stayed the night in the Grasmere Hotel which overlooks the river Avon and is so pretty.  When we came back from our meal we bought a business card to give the hotel manager as he's never heard of the place before.  He was so pleased, he gave us a free glass of wine each and invited us to sit and chat with him and his friends who were out celebrating their son's birthday.  It was really nice, particularly since I'm quite shy, so wouldn't normally have said yes to sitting with a bunch of strangers for an hour, but actually, we had a really good time.  I am trying to come out of my shell a bit more.  I can do it when I have to, like when I'm instructoring, so I know Doctoring won't be a problem, I'm just trying to make it more me all the time.  The next day we went to Wilton Shopping Village Sunday and then to the Victoria and Albert Pub for Sunday lunch before driving home. Well the pub was lovely, a really nice, proper country pub, but Wilton Shopping village…. Lol, well, perhaps if we were about 50 in our tweed and wool and comfy shoes with a lovely big country house it would be alright, but it wasn’t really for us!

He’s actually coming down to see me this weekend as he has a long weekend of leave before a big exercise the week after. We spent so much time together at uni, I really miss him when he's not here and I know what with the army and me hopefully going back to uni it's going to be ages until we can be back together like that again.  Hopefully if we can last that sort of time apart, we should be able to get through anything, but we'll see.  He should be getting here Thursday after my interview which will be nice and staying until Sunday afternoon. I’m still trying to work out things to do with him, especially while I’m at work Friday. I think he thinks he’ll be able to come in and sit with me, he doesn’t really get office life! At least he’ll be able to give my back another rub and sort these silly muscles out! Thanks so much for your comments, they’re really useful, and it’s nice to know people are actually reading. Back to the ethics revision, bye!!

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