Thursday, 30 September 2010

Death By Powerpoint

Hi, sorry it's been a while since my last post.  It's just been crazily busy!  The two weeks off I had were spent unpacking bags from last time, completely going through all of my things and chucking bits out and then repacking for uni.  Saturday I went to a craft fair and got some new beading bits to make pretty things with, though having seen the programme I'm now not sure when I'll have a chance to sit down and make them.

Sunday I loaded the car up with all my stuff and my parents followed my down while I cycled down, which took me all of ten minutes.  It is a very strange feeling to be going to uni in my home town.  I keep forgetting everyone else doesn't know their way around like I do.

None of my house mates are medics, which was a bit disappointing to be honest, I thought that they put us all together.  I have one Business Studies, four Sports Science and one sports Science with Psychology, and of those only one other is a girl.  Having said that, the guys are getting nicer as I get to know them more, but it's a bit awkward because they're all doing main uni things whilst I'm doing medic things.  I'm really feeling the age gap between us as well.  I've got 8.30 starts every day this week so far apart from today and they really haven't, so have been staying up late and making lots of noise each night, including bringing back lots of giggling screaming girls - gah!  That said, for the last two nights I've been so tired I've slept right through anyway.  They'v also made up flat rules which they keep catching me out with, so the next time I drink with them I have to do 30 press ups now I think.  I actually can't wait for freshers to be over so they have some work to do and stop going out so much, gosh I sound like such an old moany lady!  I must be channelling Grumpy :p

The course isn't terribly interesting so far unfortunately, and what interesting bits there are have been swamped with boring admin-y, common sense lectures.  They appear to like telling us everything three times in three different lectures all by different people, but using the same slides, so it would be nice if it were more streamlined and they had a bit more communication between them, that way maybe we wouldn't need such early starts!

I've found my PBL group number and we have our first session tomorrow which is PBL themed to be a formative introduction to a PBL session.  Unfortunately off the back of this there will be an essay on what type of learner I am to be handed in at the end of next week.  It's International Baccalaureate Theory of Knowledge all over again.  We've had a clinical skills introduction and seen the rooms and some of the robots which look like they will be fun to play with and learn from.  I've found out where my placements are and it looks like I have some pretty exciting ones. The first one is actually at the GP's I did my work experience with, which will be nice.  I also have another at a different GP's, one at an artificial eye clinic and one with midwives.  I'm really looking forward to them.  It still hasn't quite sunk in yet that this is actually happening, and I'm feeling like a massive pretender with my ID badge clipped to my trousers like I'm a real professional who know what they're doing - crazy.

Nights out have been all right, though I'm finding it hard to get motivated to go since I know I have such early starts the next day.  The first night was a Pirates night in Walkabout, Tuesday was a UV rave which was great fun, last night I had tickets to Hayseed Dixie who were amazing though it certainly wasn't a student event, even though it was held on campus.  Tonight is Doctors and Nurses.  I do want to go since I got an outfit specially, but I'm having second thoughts because I'm really really tired, have another long day tomorrow (8.30-5.45) and I have freshers flu.  Grr, silly freshers. My fantastic logic before I came - I was thinking I wouldn't get it because I wasn't going anywhere new.  Completely forgot the masses of people bringing their new bugs.  Silly bean.

Anyway, I have to dash now to an Occupational Health Appointment, fingers crossed they don't have a need to give me any jabs!!  Bye!!!

Friday, 10 September 2010

Unemployed bean

Well today is my last day at work. I have masses to do, and the systems are all down, so I can't do any of it. That's why I've been so quiet this week - super busy bean! And I'm so excited!!!!!! I may have to be physically restrained to stop the bouncing. I spent all of last night baking cookies and cupcakes, as is the work place traditional offering for a last day or a birthday. Last weekend Mr came down in his uniform which was a lovely surprise :p We went to Bideford regatta where I was supposed to be coxing a mixed crew, but due to a lack of a fourth member I ended up rowing and mr coxed. We were put up a level to race with people more senior than us, and had to borrow a boat from Bideford club due to a clash as the people due to use the four we had bought after us were racing for the championship and we had never rowed together as a crew before, and I hadn't rowed for a month. All in all, we weren't expecting to do very well, but in the end we came a respectable third, beating the home club on the line in their own boat, which was an awesome feeling.

After today I have two weeks left until I start, and quite a to-do list outside of work as well: buy saucepans and pots, buy stationary, pack, tidy room, throw out a load of stuff, do a recce to find someone mr can park when he comes to visit, buy some iron supplements to take daily, finish Goddaughter's christening present (I know, I know I started it ages ago….), be super excited!! Argh :D Apart from that, I have been very boring this week, so I shall leave it there for now. Hopefully have another update next week, but I don't know if I'll be able to get on to the computer. Have a great weekend!