Friday, 10 September 2010

Unemployed bean

Well today is my last day at work. I have masses to do, and the systems are all down, so I can't do any of it. That's why I've been so quiet this week - super busy bean! And I'm so excited!!!!!! I may have to be physically restrained to stop the bouncing. I spent all of last night baking cookies and cupcakes, as is the work place traditional offering for a last day or a birthday. Last weekend Mr came down in his uniform which was a lovely surprise :p We went to Bideford regatta where I was supposed to be coxing a mixed crew, but due to a lack of a fourth member I ended up rowing and mr coxed. We were put up a level to race with people more senior than us, and had to borrow a boat from Bideford club due to a clash as the people due to use the four we had bought after us were racing for the championship and we had never rowed together as a crew before, and I hadn't rowed for a month. All in all, we weren't expecting to do very well, but in the end we came a respectable third, beating the home club on the line in their own boat, which was an awesome feeling.

After today I have two weeks left until I start, and quite a to-do list outside of work as well: buy saucepans and pots, buy stationary, pack, tidy room, throw out a load of stuff, do a recce to find someone mr can park when he comes to visit, buy some iron supplements to take daily, finish Goddaughter's christening present (I know, I know I started it ages ago….), be super excited!! Argh :D Apart from that, I have been very boring this week, so I shall leave it there for now. Hopefully have another update next week, but I don't know if I'll be able to get on to the computer. Have a great weekend!


Grumpy Biomed said...

Sounds exciting :D Did you not save all your pots and pans and so on from when you were doing your BSc? :P

Paddy said...

Hey Bean!
Just wanted to leave a comment saying how much I enjoy this blog.
I'm a first year law student who wants to go into grad med once I graduate, which involves all the same stresses, worries, tests and interviews you've been through.

It's a big inspiration reading your posts, so please, when you do get to med school, keep updating us.

ilovehotchocolate said...

Hi Paddy, I just wanted to say thanks so much for your comment, it made me mile so much and I was beaming all day :) Glad you like my blog, and best of luck with your path to med!