Saturday, 31 March 2012

Hell Week Debrief

Hell week is over and I'm a week through Easter Holidays.  I got my AMK results back and I'm very happy to say I'm back on track.  I'm up from 28.4 to 38.4 and back in the top half of the cohort.  I was a little more cautious this time and answered less questions; too few to be honest.   They say you should aim for half right and half wrong, and I got 54 right and 24 wrong, so I should attempt a few more next time.  I'm still waiting for the results of the competencies.  I think I've passed all bar one but it might work out ok in moderation.  I was so annoyed with myself because it's the iv cannulation one I've probably failed - the one I practised over and over until I had it down slick.  I made such a silly mistake, worse because I didn't know it was a mistake.  I got flashback and it started dribbling out the end so I put my thumb over the hole to stem the flow.  I had gloves on and the last thing I touched was an alcohol swab so I thought it would be fine, but apparently that's still contamination.  So frustrated with myself!  I've heard Plymouth people got failed if they didn't get flashback so I'm hoping when they moderate the scores I'll come out all right.  I'm not too worried about it because you get several chances to pass and that was the only mistake I made so I'm sure I'll rock it next time.


Internal Optimist said...

I am sure you will. Shame about the one mistake, but don't let it haunt you - sounds like your doing really well :)

Nurse and Hospital Stories said...

Nice job, eh. At least after a very busy week, you seemed to be enjoying. :)

Take care,
Peny@On Shame