Sunday, 11 March 2012

Hell Week

This coming week I'm asking for all your good thoughts my way please, we're about to enter what we are affectionately calling Hell Week.
Monday: PBL feedback session presenting our findings to our small group
Tuesday: Competency exams in IV cannulation, cranial nerves and motor examination
Wednesday: PBL feedback and the third AMK of the year
Thursday: Competencies in choking baby, choking child, paediatric basic life support, basic airway management and adjuncts and basic life support with 2 rescuers
Friday: Part 2 of PBL feedback, if we haven't done it Wednesday morning because we are trying to reschedule it so it's not the morning of the AMK.

Not looking forward to this week much.  It's a spectacular fail in timetabling, or it's just a ploy to test us to see how we cope under pressure.  Either way, not a happy bean.


Dr Sunshine said...

It will be tough, but think about how relieved you'll be Friday night when it's all over. Hope you have something nice planned for the weekend.

Medic Wannabe said...

Hope it wasn't as bad as you thought it would be and that you get to relax this weekend.

Nurse and Hospital Stories said...

Too busy to be happy, eh. Hell week indeed. But be of good cheer, everything will eventually pass including that week. :)

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