Saturday, 25 February 2012

Study Week

For the first time in my uni career I've had the luxury of a study week.  At Southampton I enviously watched all of my house mates and friends having their study/reading weeks and I have just finished a whole week off.  No lectures, no deadlines, it's been bliss.  Now don't get me wrong I LOVE my course.  I love being a medical student.  I cannot wait to see what's coming up next, I don't take for granted any of the opportunities I have but oh my hasn't it been nice to have a break.  Constant Reader will know that it's very unlikely that I took this week off to sit in my room twiddling my thumbs, that's just never going to happen.  I worked at the surgery, I did some bits with Mum and I had a life and went to the pub to see a school friend I haven't seen in 9 years who's been bugging me to meet up with them for months, and every time I say yes, and then the next time I look up weeks have gone by.  I didn't do any work and I feel very guilty about that.  On the other hand, it was amazing! Everything I have to do fit into my time.  Apparently I can only fit three lives in my one.

Coming up I have sooo much to do, I'm really feeling the pressure, which is why I feel so guilty for not studying during study week.   In my defence I was ill for the whole week, which didn't help.  I have two presentations, an AMK, 6 competencies, PBL and 2 essays.  I used my study week to catch up on my life, can I have another to catch up on work now please?

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Dr Sunshine said...

A decent break often makes you more productive!