Sunday, 5 February 2012


So, I've been putting off writing my next post because I know Constant Reader would be waiting for my exam results.  Now, I know I knew they'd be going down, but I was hoping they'd surprise me and hold steady.  I wasn't even asking for an improvement, just a steady.  Obviously, from my silence you can tell that hasn't happened.  I went down to 23.4, which is only 0.1 above what I got at the end of year 1.  So I'm pretty disappointed in myself to be honest.  I feel miles better than I was then, I know so much more, I don't know what happened.  Even more annoying is that the class average was 24, so I'm below that too.  Absolutely gutted.  I know I shouldn't, because it's a pass, and it's nigh on class average.  Plus it's not a massive dip from my last but one test, so it's not an indication I'm dropping too much.

I got my SSU result back - the essay I wrote in 24 hours through the night because a peer stole my idea and the one I came up with on the spot in the consultant's room really wasn't working.  I got 19/20 so I'm pretty pleased.  The only negatives were that I didn't elaborate enough on some of the studies, but I couldn't because of the word limit and that something I wrote about procedure was wrong, but it isn't my fault if he doesn't follow procedure.  So a negative and a positive, but being realistic, they are both good scores so I shouldn't complain.  The lowest mark in the AMK this time in my year was 6.9, and someone who spent all Christmas break posting clever lines about how complicated their essay was (in other words, how clever they were in that particular subject to understand such clever things) only got a 13/20.  Taking that into consideration, Bean's not doing bad :) With that in mind, I'm just gonna forget it, bop away to some funky music and rock the next one.

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Anonymous said...

Your high score was probably a fluke, don't feel too bad about it.