Friday, 30 December 2011

End of Year

Tomorrow I am training up to London to spend New Year's watching the fire works with mr.  If you're watching on the telly I'll be the one in the bobble hat at the front :) I am currently languishing in essay hell.  One fluffy essay on work life balance is written and submitted but the one off the back of my SSU I'm having much more difficulty with.  See, before we went into a tutorial session with the facilitator, one of my two placement partners asked what essay titles we'd picked.  When we went in to talk to the facilitator, the facilitator asked each of us in turn and the person that was asked before me, the person that had asked what we were doing outside, gave my idea as their own!  Bearing in mind that outside they had told us they were doing something completely different and they are also absolutely disgustingly, sickeningly, sweet and lovely, so you'd never believe they were capable of doing such an under-handed thing.  I was not amused.  It left me struggling to come up with an idea on the spot so as not to look under prepared in front of the consultant.  Now it turns out that there isn't anything to write about in that field and I am a little stuck.  The thing that my essay has turned into is way to big to write a 2000 word essay on and cover properly, but if I go wildly off topic and pick something else, the facilitator will wonder why as it was so different to what I was originally going to do.  I can't complain about the other student because that just looks like I'm moaning and I certainly can't do the same as them.

This year has gone pretty well, looking back through some of my blog posts.  Exams have all gone well, I had a lovely holiday with mr, I've been on some amazing placements, proved to myself that I actually can do this medicine lark, met some inspiring people, and started to try and come out of myself a little more and be a bit braver.  Next year I will be trying to do some sort of fitness each day, make a real effort to stop ignoring emails and messages form friends and actually find time to meet up with them like I said I would and try to moan at you lovely readers a little less.

I hope the new year will bring you everything you want, be it luck, a medicine place, health, friendship, love or wealth.  Happy New Year!

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Grumpy Biomed said...

Happy new year Bean, hope you had a great night out in London!