Saturday, 4 June 2011


I am about to start the last week of being a fresher.  It's quite a scary thought.  I'm not really ready for it to be the end of the year.  Not because I'm not looking forward to the exam at the end, rather I'm having a blast!  I've worked so hard to get here, and it's amazing.  The placements I get to go on, the skills I'm learning, the science.  I'm having such a good time, I don't want a break for 3 months.  As for the exam, well I really don't have the motivation.  I seem to swing wildly between thinking "I'll be fine, I can do it", to "I don't need to do it because I've passed the AMK, so I don't need to work too much for it", to "OMG I have no idea what I'm doing about anything, all the work I've done has been focussing on the wrong things and I've now run out of time to cover it all properly and I don't even know where to begin".

I'm getting rather fed up with Peninsula keep changing our timetables.  I organise meetings and work and then have a double check and it's all changed! Not useful.  It's been a pretty quiet week otherwise.  Placement is next week because of the bank holiday.  It's at a chiropractors which should be interesting.  I have an open mind, but I'm not the biggest fan of alternative medicine to be fair.  Although there are two chiropractors we get sent to on placement, I don't think this is the one where the guy doesn't believe in DNA.... (I wish I was kidding)

I'm getting married next week :)  To my medsoc wife and we shall have fresher babies in September :p  My wife-to-be and medsoc mum and a friend went out last night for pizza and sangria to celebrate my birthday.  I'm 23 tomorrow.  I had a really good night.  There was a lot of sangria and I bumped into a friend I hadn't seen for about 8 years.  It was a shame more people didn't come, but I guess that's what I get for not socialising with them that often, and spending my nights with my head in the books.  Maybe I'll see what I can do to try harder next year.


Tofu said...

Happy Birthday!! ^^ and good luck with revision.. i cant believe your exams are so late! =O

Violet said...

Happy Birthday to youuuu! I was well shocked when you said you were getting married, haha. Sounds like a great system. Good luck for the exam :)

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday :)
I was also shocked when you said you were getting married... particularly as you'll have a wife, not a husband! :p

ilovehotchocolate said...

Hi, thank you :) Yeah, don't worry, mr's still around. I'm sure I'll make much more of a fuss if/when he proposes for real.