Friday, 17 June 2011


The end of year exam went well. I hope anyway.  It felt like it went well.  It was certainly a lot better than I expected.  There was a lot of anatomy - along the lines of " if you were to inject someone here, what would you have to careful not to hit?".  Probably about 60-75% I could answer without thinking and the rest I could make educated guesses on.  There were only about 4 out of the 100 I couldn't answer at all.  It takes the standard AMK format, so a wrong answer is -0.25 and a correct answer is 1 mark, with a blank being 0.  Results for the End of Year and the final AMK are out on the 27th.  There was a question about what movement a lady found painful when shutting drawers and when people got to that question you could see them all going through the motions.  It was quite funny to watch.  I'm fairly happy.  I wouldn't go so far as to say I'm not nervous about the results, but the butterflies in my tummy aren't pterodactyls (as the lovely madsadgirl would put it). 

I am currently working at the GP's and in a bit or a battle with hours.  I would like to do full time but they can't afford me full time.  Bearing in mind their full time is 42.5 hours a week, I asked for 33 hours and have been told they can definitely give me 28 but can't confirm more than that however they really don't want to lose me.  The problem is, my old job have asked me back.. sort of.  One of my old bosses has a project he wants doing, and he thinks if he goes to the board and says I'm free I'll do it, they will allow it.  Then there's other bits I can do whilst there for the rest of summer.  They pay more than the GP does.  I will earn £800 more at the office job than doing the 33 hours at the GP, and £1100 more than the 28 hours at the GPs.  Now sneaky BIS have re-written the rules to exclude the loophole they had previously been ignoring, and all the campaiging that is being done to save GEM is ignoring us grads on five year courses, it's looking less and less like I will get the fee loan money after all, so anything I earn now is important. 

I worked out I am covered for year 2, I can afford fees and rent there, and I have year 3's fees sat in an ISA, so it's rent and fees and rent for 4 and 5 I'm saving for now.  So, head says go for the more money.  Heart says I want to do a job I love, a job that is relevant, where everyday I'm learning new bits that help my degree.  I'm not coming home shattered like I do at the office job even though it's longer hours and more repetitive 'boring' work (that acctually I really enjoy).  I'm not using my brain to problem solve as much as I get to in the office job, I don't have autonomy, lunch time cards or the responsibilty my office job gives me, but still....  I can't be pleased.  Those that tell me to do the one I love I tell the money side to, and those that say do the money job I tell the enjoyment side to.  I am completely stuck.  They say you should flip a coin and in the split second it's in the air you'll know the one you really want to do, but even that doesn't work.  I didn't get the job at the hospital to boost the GP job money and do the two part time, and I don't think the office job will let me be part time.  I am hoping the decision will be taken out of my hands.  I've told the GP's my final offer of 33 hours a week and if they don't meet it I will have to go back to the office job.  It's the sensible, grown up thing to do.  You can't have what you want all the time.  And it won't be for very long.  People who read my blog who are further up the course than me, how do you find balancing a job with being a 3rd, 4th or 5th year?  Is it possible?

If we ever get around to booking it Mr and I are going to Lanzarote in a couple of weeks for a cheap week in the sun together.  Looking at the horrible rain we've had today I cannot wait.  I have a to do list that is ridiculously long with work to do, rooms to tidy, stuff to sort out and cull, christmas presents to start making, baby clothes to finish knitting, I have to decide what if any rowing or coxing I'm doing this summer.  And summer doesn't really seem to be that long to get it all done.  I tell you what though, I can't wait for it to be over :)  I want to see what the next case unit is, and where my placements will be.  :)

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DoctorFaye said...

You'll be fine for the fee loan in your 5th year surely? - if they scrap the NHS bursary it'll only apply to new students, not you as you're already in!

Enjoy your time off and your holiday :)