Monday, 2 May 2011

Back to it

Last day of the holidays today.  I am sat back in halls, I don't think too many people yet it's very quiet.  Which is good because they can't hear me singing along full pelt to the Rent soundtrack (~guilty pleasure~).  Well typically I didn't get half the things done I wanted to. I did the essay, all bar the pernickity formatting hoops to jump through.  It's not bad.  It's not amazing, but it'll do.  Now I have to waffle another 2000 words on how I work in a group and how it makes me feel.  And revise because in two weeks I have my last AMK and combined competency in two days.

My bags are all still packed around me.  I hate unpacking.  I like it when everything has a place, but not the act of putting things in their place.  Can I just click my fingers please?  Mr came down for five whole days.  It was amazing.  A shame I had to spend most of it working or writing my essay, but it's nice to just do normal things, every visit doesn't have to .  We used vouchers and went for a couple of really nice meals out, and had a big family get together with Mum's side of the family for a late Easter gathering.  It was lovely.

There's only six weeks left of term.  That is a very strange thought, six weeks of being a first year.  It's gone so quickly and I've enjoyed every moment.  Even though it's this far through, and I moan about work I have to do, I honestly wouldn't want to be anywhere else.  I still can't quite believe it.  The Student Room is filling with next year's Freshers and in a funny way I'm a little bit jealous.  It doesn't seem that long since it was my exciting news.  Fingers crossed it'll continue and I can be an over-excited second year too :)

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Violet said...

I have no doubt that you'll be an over excited second year too! But this time you'll have all the first year noobs to help out. :)