Saturday, 23 April 2011

Scruffy Bean

First day of the holiday and I relished pulling on comfy jeans and a slouchy hoodie.  What with work and the policy we told on our induction day at PMS "you will be doctors, you should act and dress like doctors", I haven't been able to be a properly comfy scruffy bean in ages.  I am also enjoying the after effects of a student diet and finally being able to fit back into my skinny jeans.  Although with the abundance of biscuits floating around our house, I doubt they'll be fitting for too long.  The new computer is shiny bright.  I went for an all in one, touch screen PC in the end with the hope it will be hard wearing enough to be used often but still be portable enough to move from student flat to home and around various placements and things the course will be throwing at me.  Unfortunately, I appeared to take on the role of Bean: Destroyer of Electricals as a couple of days after getting the new computer my phone died.  Ten days after the warranty expired.  Not amused.  I am currently in that awkward phase of owning a new shiny thing where you have to keep fiddling to get things how you like them.  What's worse is that I can't remember how I got my phone to how I liked it before so that's causing some frustration.  It's getting there, but it's not right yet.  On a similar times-they-are-a-changing note, anyone got any suggestions for a suitable replacement for Spotify once they change to only allow 10 hours a month and 5 plays of each song?  First Pandora, now Spotify.... Huff.

Another perk to being at home that I had sorely missed was being able to sit on a sofa.  It's not something you think about really until it's not there anymore, but I've so enjoyed being able to curl up on the sofa of an evening, be sat on by the cat (once she got over her grumps at me for abandoning her for months) and settle down to some knitting in front of the telly.  My cousin is expecting twins soon so there's much knitting to be done.

I've only been off a week, but because the last three weeks of term were odd because of placement SSU it seems like ages since I've been stuck into studies proper.  I'm torn.  I want to be back studying because I love learning new things.  However, I know I'm a little behind with lectures and I'd like to do some revision for the End of Year and the last AMK.  I'm also quite enjoying the time off not being quite as busy as I normally am, although I'm still trying to fit in GP work and Census work.  Reading all the posts about the 5th studying for finals is making me feel very guilty for not working harder at medical stuff and also pretty happy that I don't have to do exams like that.  Best of luck to you all.

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Lily said...

Time will fly and it won't be long until you're studying for finals... then I can read your blog and sigh in relief as it'll be a distant memory for me!