Thursday, 10 November 2011

Fret, fret, fret

I should be excitedly telling you how I aced the AMK, or crying because I failed the AMK and am feeling pretty dismal.  I have dutifully waited the normal two weeks.  I am getting my insomnia and then sleep walking when I finally do drop off, as is usual when I'm fretting about something.  Results day should have been yesterday.  Tuesday we got an email saying that due to unforseen circumstances there was going to be an unavoidable delay in the release of the results, for another two weeks!  This bean is not amused.  I'm not sure I'll last that long on this little sleep.  It's all very well saying it's no use fretting, and why don't I try going to bed early but it's not that simple when you're this side of the fretting, and when it's not your results, or not your family you have to tell if you fail.  We then got an email from the Dean telling us of for a facebook group that had been discussing AMK questions and the rumour is that we've done better this time than we were supposed to, hence the delay as they try and work out how to moderate it.  This was the first time I'd heard about any such group and really just adds to the fretting, as it presumeably means that a whole load of people have done very much better than me and when the grade boundaries are set according to how everyone else did that really doesn't bode well for me.  I don't know how you picture the little bean in your head but she's pacing up and down right now and could probably do with a swift slap across the cheek and being told to calm down. 

Apart from that this case unit has been pretty massive - covering endocrine, diabetes, the eye and the leg in the space of two weeks.  I have done my usual shifts at the GP surgery and so having an inability to shut down and go to sleep means my productivity is up pretty high, as long as you don't mind your bean rocking a zombie look the rest of the time.  After this case unit there is a study week, so as long as the GP's don't claim me I should get a bit of a break then which will be nice. 

The new cat is now out from under the sofa.  She now lives under the table, but at least she's more accesible there.  She adores getting tickles but isn't comfortable enough yet to come and ask for them.  If you want to contort yourself to get to her and give her them that's fine, but if you don't that's ok too.  Hopefully we'll start giving her the run of the house soon as she's confined to the living room for now until she's less fraidy.  It is very therapeutic going over every day to tickle a cat though.  Should be prescribed. 


Audrey1119 said...

I am sure most of you did better than expected and you'll be positively surprised with your results. *fingers crossed*

Anonymous said...

What's the point of stressing... put it out of your mind for another 2 weeks. You've already sat the exam, so nothing more you can do! You've done really well so far, so relax, I'm sure you've done fine. Also- your new kitty cat is gorgeous :)