Sunday, 20 February 2011

Sniff, again

Well, I'm ill again so now is as good a time as any to give you an update.  Since the last post I have learnt respiratory exams and cardiac exams.  I have signed up to be part of a new society called Save a Baby's Life that will aim to teach basic life support in GP's surgeries and parent/child groups.  I taught a lesson on HIV to a class of year 11's at a local school.  I have done more hours at the GP's surgery than I thought could fit into my time table.  I found out I was successful at applying for another job that I entered in for ages ago and have completed on-line training to be... a census collector :)  I have struggled through a PBL case unit on the heart - the first topic that I really don't understand.  I know it's not hard, it's just that the heart has never seemed to 'click' and make sense with me.  I have received peer feedback forms from my new PBL group and discovered that while the last group thought I was too loud, this one thinks I'm too quiet, half think my sources are great and half think they aren't and one appears to want me to put all my sources on the group discussion board  on-line before the session  thereby giving them all my answers 0_o  I have come to the conclusion you can't please all the people all the time and perhaps I really shouldn't care about what my peer feedback forms say.  This has been compounded by the actor in my clinical skills communications class telling me to my face that my history taking was fantastic, I covered everything and did everything really well...and then scoring me as 'poor' on his feedback form.  Grrrrrr.  I have also been called to a disciplinary meeting with the rest of my flat because our fridges have some damage to them. Namely the door fell off one of them and one of the plastic bits has broken in the other because they get so much use.  It has escalated to this stage because when they came round to get one of us to sign a form to claim the damage and pay for it none of us would because we believe it is wear and tear which we are covered for and don't have to pay for according to our contracts.  I have had training at work on how to man the front desk and how to carry out carer medicals to check that people who care for others are getting all the support they need and are fit an healthy themselves.  I have been a tea lady again.  I have been rubbish and haven't replied to emails I got  (sorry :( ).  I have been nostalgic as a round of GAMSAT interviews took place.  I have accompanied Mr to a wedding of one of his best friends at Sandhurst and had a lovely day and met really wonderful group of people which I really don't think I'd have had the courage to do a year ago; to go to an event where I only know one person and not stay sat in the corner of the room and observe quietly, but to actually talk to people and be brave.  I am starting to understand what it is to be part of the army family.  I found out I'm mushy to the core and I cry at weddings, but it's their fault for having such beautiful readings.  I watched Never Let Me Go for free at the cinema the day before it premi√®red as part of the Slackers Club run by E4 and the Picturehouse and found it to be very plain, simple, clever and so sad.  I rowed in the first ever Peninsula Women's 8.  I have laughed until I cried and I have danced until my feet ached.  For two weeks I did not go to bed before 3am and then got up at 8am everyday.  I found out that Mr loves me even when I'm snotty, covered in tissue fluff and snoring like train /mush.

I now have a streaming cold and feel like pants.  It is entirely my own fault, sort of.  The stuff that I planned to do wasn't supposed to all come at once, with a load of other stuff cropping up that had to be done immediately.  So, I guess I've also found out that I'm pretty good at running on autopilot, ish.  I haven't done all the stuff I should have done, or wanted to and have now made my life more difficult by catching this cold when I still have a lot to do.   Fingers crossed for me please because Glandular Fever is currently going round and I really couldn't handle it if my cold turned into that.  But, I also have my fingers crossed for you and I hope you interviews are all going well.  Believe in yourself that you can do it, because if you don't believe you'll never convince the interview panel you're right for the place either.

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Paddy said...

Hey Bean!
Just wanted to comment to say I'm still here reading each entry and loving it.
Whilst you're getting nostalgic about GAMSAT, I'm getting extremely scared as September is fast approaching.
Keep updating us!