Thursday, 27 January 2011

Awesome day

Well yesterday was a pretty awesome day :)  In parts, bits of it were a bit weird, but it started and ended well, so overall - super smiley bean.  At 8am I logged in to student logbook whilst quickly bolting down some breakfast, to see the magic words "AMK - satisfactory".  I passed!!  I had wanted to do better than last time, stay in the top 50% of my cohort, get a satisfactory, and I was secretly hoping for double figures, but would admit that that may have been pushing it a little.  I am super happy to say I did all that.  last time I got 8, this time I got 14.  I cycled to work to spend the day being a waitress for some people who had hired out the seminar room at the GP's and I was their tea lady ._.  Meh, I got paid for it.  Can't complain.  In the evening, I went to a lecture, given by Professor Parveen Kumar who co-wrote the bible that is Kumar and Clarke's Clinical Medicine.  It was nice.  We were told there would be some GI teaching, but it turned out to be a lecture on how we could change the world with medicine.  It was very inspirational, but practising medicine in a third world country is not my sort of thing.  She was talking about electives and how to go about making a change that is worthwhile and beneficial to the local culture, without imposing your views on them.  I also got my copy of Kumar and Clarke signed :D  And I totally don't care if that makes me sad.  I now have two signed books - my Kumar and a Rosie and Jim book my Mum had signed by John Cunliffe for me when I was 4 and ill in hospital.  So... I'm pretty buzzing at the moment.  Wandering around with a fuzzy grin on my face. Doesn't happen too often, but I'm enjoying it.  For Harry Potter fans I was in the inspiration for the Leaky Cauldron earlier on this week - they do awesome pizza.  And the inspiration for Diagon Alley is my favourite place in Exeter, although it was before I realised it was connected to the book.  Apart from that, this week has been pretty quiet.  Another case unit, this time about asthma, which is perfect timing as mine has just started to flare up again because I was a silly bean and cycled somewhere in the cold last week with no scarf on.  Boring stats lectures, hours at work and lectures.  All pretty standard.  I hope your interviews are coming through as you want, and good luck at them :)

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