Friday, 17 December 2010

And now for something slightly more relaxed

Hi, well the SSU got completed three days early, and the presentation on it went very well considering  was trying to teach a bunch of first years with no background knowledge how plasmids work in the space of 3 minutes.  The essay itself counts for nothing, but we will get professionalism judgements from our tutors.  I then spent the next couple of days relaxing, it was amazing.  It wasn't entirely what I'd had planned as I wanted to go up into town to do Christmas shopping, or do some more shifts at the surgery, but karma had its way.  My foot has been a little sore for the last few weeks.  I thought it was possibly a stress fracture on the ball of my foot from dancing in (tiny) heels at the numerous Christmas balls recently.  However, when I woke up the day after giving my presentation I couldn't move my big toe and it was lying in a plane a little lower than the rest.  I couldn't bear for anything to touch it: I couldn't even get my foot into a shoe without crying in pain, so I got my housemate to drive me to the walk-in centre. Turns out I have gout or mono-arthritis (both pretty similar).  Not entirely sure how that happened as I'm certainly not overweight, hardly drink and border on anaemia I eat so little red meat.  It's doing much better now, but I've been told to keep off it and keep it elevated for the next two weeks.  So I've been spending my time hurriedly making jewellery for family for Christmas since I couldn't get into town to buy them anything.  Hopefully it'll be better by Christmas.  And it had certainly be better by New Years because mr and I are going to watch the fireworks in London again and there are a load more museums we want to look round (medical ones of course, geeks that we are).

I'm back with the pension company for Christmas so I may be quiet for the next couple of weeks.  Long term readers may remember me talking about Christmas being a really busy time because of reports and checks that have to be run on all schemes.  I started them in Summer, but surprise, surprise no one has touched them since and my boss wants me to clear as much of it as I can, so I don't know if I'll have time to post.  Because of that, I hope you all have safe journeys wherever you need to get to this Christmas, that you get everything you want and that you get to spend it with the people that matter most.  Happy Christmas everyone, your hobbling bean.


Tofu said...

Ooooh a fellow geek, but im afraid to admit that being a londoner and all, i've never been to a medical museum before! would make an intersting trip one day - any in london u reccomend?

- oh and good luck on the foot, hope it gets better!

ozy said...

Hi there,

Hope you don't mind my messaging you. I have my interview at SGUL in a few weeks. I was wondering if you had any tips/advice? I couldn't figure out how to email you directly. Thanks!


ilovehotchocolate said...

Tofu - They were all shut! But I've been told the Royal College of Surgeons museum is very good, and I really wanted to go to the Wellcome Collection museum. Hope you had a good Christmas/New Years.

Ozy - I've set up an email account,drop me an email and I'll reply :)